Monday, February 14, 2011

When Love Ends By Blizzard Wave - OR - winter poem #2

This picture won't do it justice
This letter won't let you hear
The thunder of the wave
As it tumbles and tears

In moments it will crash
Into the house
And destroy the shed
It will drown the chickens

We'll all be dead, but you stayed in the frosty city
Shook fist after as I left
You scowled and cursed
Arms crossed under breast

"Go drink your whiskey"
You screamed as I drove away
I did
It's empty

That how you got this letter today, floating
In the boozy bottle
Drifting by currents
All the way until you plucked it

From the rubble and the decay
But, here's the thing I think of
As I write my dying notes
I left the coast to join the foothills

Yet mine are the words that float in this ocean
That isn't salty, where there is no room for reefs
In this heart forever icy
In this conversation, brief

That winter was too heavy
It made the woods roll in
They turned over and onto themselves
Like suffering in sin

They kicked and ate and plundered
They bit and tore and raged
Their thoughts were only inward
And nothing could be saved

So now I float forever frozen
And you're alive with all your spunk
Only one thing keeps me warm inside
That whiskey made me drunk

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